Need Photography?

My Husband has done photography on the side for quite some time, but only recently has he decided to really pick it up. He just put up a blog, still in the works, but I would love for you to go look at it! Leave him a comment for me ;)

Anyway, if you are lucky enough to live in the Utah County Area, (or anywhere in Utah, we travel :) He is offering 50% off for the first 10 sessions booked (he already has super reasonable pricing, so this is a steal!).



2 Newest Blog Makeovers

I just wanted to share with you my newest makeovers!

First was Jacki's Blog: I loved drawing her beautiful family! Go check out her blog and make sure to leave her a comment!

Second was Season's Blog: This was the first flash header that I have ever done! I actually quite liked how it turned out. I don't have it on my pricing yet, but if you are interested in one, just email me and I can quote you a price. Her photography is so beautiful, so make sure to visit her site!