Giveaway has Ended!

Since I FINALLY, got my new site up, I wanted to do a giveaway for my new Custom Photo Backgrounds! I am giving away 3 of them!

3 Ways to enter!
1. Leave a comment or email me (ca_ro@mac.com) with your name and email!
2. Make a post on your blog telling your friends about my site (make sure to email me a link to your blog, ca_ro@mac.com, so that I can verify)!
3. Use one of my backgrounds (make sure to email me a link to your blog, ca_ro@mac.com, so that I can verify)!

If you do all 3 things, you are entered 3 times! If you do 2 you are entered twice, and if you do one, you are entered once!

Visit the Custom Blog Design page to see the designs (if you win you can pick any design!) Oh and check back, I hope to have a few more designs up before the contest ends!


AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

I love how it looks now, it simple, fresh and clean and yet it does make a flashy impression:)

Good work.

It's Daddies. Plural. said...

Carolynn - I'm loving your designs!!!

Auroras_Garden said...

These designs are great and I would love to win this! My blog needs some serious makeover work LOL. I tweeted about this blog post too. My favorite design has to be the ric rac one...I sew, so that one grabbed my eye, Very cute!

Alicia M B Ballard said...

This is cool!
Good for you. :)

Apple said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I really like your designs and chosen one for my blog. I will also tweet and write a post about your blog graphics. Thank you!


Apple said...

I finally got to blog about your giveaway... Love the tree layout!

Heather said...

I look forward to seeing more of your backgrounds! I love using them!

Mama Mair said...

Very creative. Great designs. I love the floral ones a whole lot. Very sexy.
I have a mommy blog. I love the Mom Doodle Design and followed the instructions on how to install it as my background but all I got it to do was copy over my Blogger background.
I'm a tech moron and a spaz.
Check out my blog in need of a design makeover at http://www.bumbumpatch.blogspot.com/

nicole lindsay said...

nicole lindsay. I love backgrounds! I think the personalized ones are great!

Smart Bunny said...

SO cute!!! :) willardlori@hotmail.com


Niki Ginder said...

Your designs are great!! Nicole Ginder - nikiginder@gmail.com

CAC muffin said...

i love this
great design ideas!