Most Recent Custom Blog Designs

I just wanted to share with everyone my most recent blog designs! I really had a lot of fun with these.

For "Sun Kissed Mama", we did a custom illustration header. Which if I do say so my self turned out awesome. I drew her up to reflect how she looks and surrounded her with the things she loves. We even added a Tattoo that she is getting! It was one of my favorite illustrations that I have done. So go check out her blog: http://sunkissedmama.blogspot.com/

This is what she said about her design: "Carolynn, I LOVE the new look of my blog...you rock!! I loved working with you! You are helpful, polite and promt. You totally got "me" and it reflects on my blog! It is clear, colorful, and very hip, just want I wanted! Thank you so much again!! ~Tab"

"The Red Barn" is just like it sounds a big beautiful Red Barn, so for her, we did a nice red wood for the background. I do a lot of illustrations, so this was fun to be able to get out of Adobe Illustrator and use Photoshop, to manipulate the color of the wood and to play with old paper and fruit. It was a good change from my norm, and I just love the way it turned out! Check out The Red Barn at: http://redbarnblog.blogspot.com/

This is what she said about her design: "Working with Carolynn has been great. While doing my custom blog design, she offered several suggestions and was easy to work with all along the way (even when I made her redesign, and go back to original designs!) Her prices are better than many other competitors, yet her work sticks out among them. I will come back to her with any of my future design needs. - Chelsea"

"Brands 4 Bargain" was another really fun illustration project. We did manikins, and I drew them to wear the type of clothing that she sells. We did something different for her homepage too, which I thought turned out really nice. Made her blog look more like a website by having different blogs for each page, and the homepage, I got rid of everything except links to really direct you right where you need to go. Then when you get into the other pages it looks more like traditional blogs. It was a fun experiment though, something that I hadn't tried before, but I think it turned out really nice. Check her blog/site out here: http://brands4bargainonline.blogspot.com/

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Anonymous said...

Those are Fantastic :)

ice creamy world said...

hi carolyn. . .
ii have tried your blog layout...
I always use your coz' it's fun and cute...
but, in my newest blog http://creamyandicecream.blogspot.com/, it cannot dispayed. .
It is coz' of blogger of I am wrong to put it in Gadget?
Thx for reply..
btw, I had follow ur fb...

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