Feeling Lousy

So I usually try not to get too much into my personal life on this blog (not sure why, I am just not one to express my feelings to others outside of my husband).  But I am just feeling lousy today and I decided that I just needed to vent.  It has been a tough month(s), won't get into the details, but isn't it always the case that when it rains.... it pours. 

I have been feeling so torn between work and family lately, I don't know if there are any other WAHMs out there that feel the same way.  Sometimes I just want to spend 100% of my time with my beautiful kids, but I just can't (even if I wanted to be a full-time stay at home mom, my finances won't allow).  I have to remind myself everyday that I am lucky enough to be here with them everyday, even if I am not giving them my full attention at all times. 

Anyway, I don't really know why I wrote this, just wanted to vent a little I guess....



Chelsea said...

You have to give your self a little slack - I mean you just had a baby and moved on top of everything else! Know that you are doing the best you can with your circumstances, and I applaud you for trying to juggle work and home duties - it isn't easy! You are the best influence in your kid's lives, and if they went to the babysitters, they would probably be "ignored" just as much - at least you know they are safe and loved with you, even if you can't give them 100% all day every day. Things will get better soon, they always do!

Little Miss Sunshine said...

Dear Carolynn,
I can definalty relate to alot that you've just said... just keep your chin up and life will sort itself out ... & btw its always good to vent! I wish i could do it myself more often... i bottle to much up which isnt good so feel free to vent more often! its always good to vent!

shiemz said...

sometimes u need rest n spend time with your kids... go vacation or do something that can make realeast tension.. take care

Athrunxala said...

I know its great to get a personal check at the end of the week from a employer but it's not what's important. You're kids are and you should really focus on them. I know things aren't easy sometimes but things will get better.