TODAY and TOMORROW ONLY!! Don't Miss it!

The cost includes the initial design and 2-3 revisions You will get a PNG file, as well as an Avatar that you can use for your profile pic, facebook, etc.

To save your spot on my schedule please make your full payment below, and fill out my order form at the bottom of this page:  http://www.dforte.com/Design_Forte/Custom_Illustrations.html

My first opening if for Tuesday, Jan. 4th.  It is 1st Come, 1st Serve.  You can see how my Work Schedule works here: http://www.dforte.com/Design_Forte/Work_Schedule.html   To get on my schedule, you must pay and fill out an order form.

When you make your payment, you need to make it for the full amount, $60 + Add-ons (if any).

The sale ends January 1, 2011 at Midnight! 

You may use these designs for anything you like, buy you may not sell them, or give them to anyone else, they are for your use only (you may send them to another designer to be used in a design for you, but they MAY NOT use them for anyone else!)

BTW: I am going to do some tutorials over at Makin' Cute Blogs soon to teach you how to use these in your DIY Custom Blog Designs, so if you want to purchase this to use in your Blog Design, I will show you how to use it in your design!


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