Tutorial on How to Add a Post Divider to Your Blog!

Adding a Post Divider adds a fun touch to your blog and is way easier than you would think!

Step 1: Go to your Layout tab of your blog and click on Edit HTML.
Step 2: Scroll down until you get to the Posts section.

Step 3: Replace the above, circled text with the text located below the post divider of your choice. (Find post dividers HERE)

Step 4: Click on Save Template, and you are done!!



Taralee said...

thanks for this tutorial!
I was wondering how you change the font of the title of your posts?
I've tried changing the font on my blog to a cute font that is on my computer, but it doesn't show up the same on other computers that don't have that particular font on their computer.

Shar! Ciao' for Now! said...

Thank you SO much! I have been working on this for days to get a transparent background! Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! Shar

biha said...

thanks a bunch!! how can i mentioned u in my blog, as a way of saying thank you?other than in my post?

Hey, It's Shar! said...

Here is a link to my blog ~ sorry I forgot to add it ~ I'm still new at this!


Check out your dividers & thanks again!!!


nynarara said...

hello i cannot do the way ur tutorial. mine is different . inside the edit html there are not the same as ur. can u help me?
pliss drop comment here. thanx

Elni Nadra said...

hye carolyn....

mine also cannot do the way in ur tutorial... can u help me for this new template blog?

jenifer lopez said...

hello i cannot do the way ur tutorial. mine is different . inside the edit html there are not the same as ur. can u help me?So buy twitter followers

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