DIY Custom Blog Design Contest (a possibility)...

I need your help!  I have put a lot of work into my new blog "Makin Cute Blogs" lately (resulting in the sad neglect of this blog).  I have been working on a Super huge Tutorial(s) of tutorials.  I have been showing readers how to do a Custom Blog Design from the bottom up (so if you are a poor penny pincher like me and can't afford to have a designer do your blog, I have been teaching everything you need to know to to do it yourself).

Anyway, so I have been thinking of having a fun little contest!  It would be open to anyone that is interested (except professional designers).  I would give you 2 or 3 weeks to Makeover your blogs, then I would open up a link list of some sort where you can enter the contest.  Then I would probably narrow it down to 10 or so blogs as the finalists.  I would get a few other designers to help me "judge" and determine a winner!  And of course there would be a super cool prize for the winner!!!

I need to know if anyone is even interested in participating, so if you are, please comment :)  If I don't hear from anyone, I just don't see it happening.

You can check out all the super cool DIY Custom Blog Design Tutorials HERE, and there are more to come!



Angela@Inkology said...

I would be interested, but I have been looking at your tuts on the other site and I don't believe I have the program you use. So I don't know that it would do any good for me. I have greatly enjoyed the posts though!

Chelsea said...

Wow, I can't wait to look through the tutorials!

Emily said...

Oh, Carolynn, your tutorials are great!!!
Thank you so much!!!
I'd like to enter the contest)))

# said...

Oh Wauw, Great
My wish to Santa is to learn and make such wonderful cards as you do.
I am just a beginner and for that a little bit jalous of those who can make this.
Beautiful and heartwarming cards

Casey Lu said...

I would! I just need to find the time to create one from the ground up amongst all the other projects I have going on for the holiday's. But it would be so much fun!

Hannah said...

I would love to enter but I do have a design blog where people can order designs for free. Can I still enter? If so, email me:




Valley Girl said...

This is a great idea, I sure could use a helping hand with my blog,I have been working on it for just over 1 year.Not sure what I am not doing correctly.I am a food stylist in my real life.Went to school in the 80's to be a pastry chef. I love to cook and bake.You can always email me elba09@comcast.net,
My blog is

Anonymous said...
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