I am so excited start something new, I call it Makeover Monday! What I want to do is every Monday (or as many as I can), offer a whole set of freebies to go with the background of your choice! So let your voices be heard, vote for next weeks Makeover by participating in my poll on the right!

This week I chose to start by making a brand new background. I chose to go with a Sewing/Crafting Theme, So many of you have such cute Sewing and Crafting blogs, so I thought it would be perfect.

Click on the links below to get all the pieces that you need to make over your Sewing/Crafting Blog!

Background - 2 Column
Background - 3 Column
Sidebar Titles
Post Divider

**And don't forget! There are tutorials for using all of these Elements.



linda said...

i am totally going to have to come back when I have a few mins and read your tutorials and use em. wish I had more time tonight!!

Taralee said...

I really love your blog. I used to spend hours tryin got figure out how to change things (like getting rid of the outline of pictures in posts) and you have such great tips.
I would love it if you did your Makeover Monday on this Black pattern background. I love it!
(or at least, how did you make this middle section of it white? since the background on it's own is entirely black)

Sisters said...

That is such a great idea!!!
I do have a seggestion for next week though. (Or whenever) I really need a food or cooking background for my blog. You have great ones, but they aren't really MY style. I would really like more of a choice. i'll be back later. If you could comment me back (on your blog) that would be great. Thanks again.
God Bless,

Carolynn said...

Hey Sisters! What a good idea, I have been super busy and not been able to do a lot of new backgrounds for a little while, but I will try to squeeze in a cooking background :) I will try to do it sometime this month.

Oceana Blues said...

omg thank you thank you thank you so much i've been looking for backgrounds and blog accessories for the longest time! i think i'll use this header for awhile and maybe the other stuff that goes with it :)