September Promo: Custom Signature!

Custom Signatures are a fun, cute way to dress up your blog and give it some personality, so I am offering Custom Signatures for only $5! That is half off! So affordable, so cute you will love it! I even have posted an easy tutorial on how to install Custom Signatures. To purchase your signature, click on the buy now button below, and email me (carolynn@dforte.com) what you want your signature to say and anything else you want me to know when I create it for you.



Maureen said...

Im wondering how hard it is to add the signature to my blog, I have tried to do it in the past and it didn't work..once I pay what do I do next? Love you free back grounds, they are soo cute..thank you for providing them..

Amber Salm said...

I always wonder how people have added their signature in a very stylish way to their blogs. Now I got the secret how they created and added signature. I wanted to do the same as the cost is affordable.
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