Thanks for those of you who voted! There was a tie between the Cherry Blossom Branch Background and the Black Pattern Background, so I went with the Cherry Blossom this week, and next week I will do the Black Pattern! I hope you enjoy!

Click on the links below to get all the pieces that you need to make over your Blog!

Sidebar Titles
Post Divider

**And don't forget! There are tutorials for using all of these Elements.



The Perfectionist said...

I'm new to your blog, I have a blog too, the perfectionists portfolio! I would be thrilled if you would come and comment! I am having a challenge to get 50 followers, all the information is on a previous post!

ain said...

hello. just want to ask.
how do we want to add the sidebar title to our blog?
i cant find the tutorial.
huuuu. tq.

Terry said...

I couldn't get the title of my blog to move down into the header. I kept making the number higher and higher and it never budged. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.